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17.07.2007 News from the web site  www.piko.de

Piko is producing a brass track system for G-Scale Layouts.

More information see web site of PIKO or load the flyer to click on the rigth picture.

click on the picture opens pdf File brochure

05.04.2007 News from the web site  www.lgboa.com

We are aware of the situation at Lehmann -- including the problems at lgb.com, lgb.de and so on -- and we hope it is resolved quickly. As a temporary measure to serve our German-speaking friends, we have asked Lehmann’s service provider to redirect traffic from those web addresses to lgboa.com. We have also made the German versions of the LGB Product Library and Knowledge Database available at lgboa.com.
For information from Lehmann, please contact:
Mr. H. Schöntag
E.P. Lehmann
Saganer Strasse 1-5
D-90475 Nürnberg
(0)911 83 707 0



  04.04.2007 News from Nuernberg. The LGB Site in the www is canceled. It is out of limit since 04.04.2007.

More information send an E-Mail to s.kuehnlein@lgb-rheinsieg.de

Only the site www.lgboa.com is activ.


14.11.2006 Exhibition 2006 Moonlake Austria. A click on the picture and you can see some pictures of the Exhibition.

anklicken und zur Bildergalerie Mondsee gelangen.

14.11.2006 Main Page, News/Novelties Page in US/English new.   


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